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Home Style Row Home

Depending on your location of choice, there will be several styles of homes to choose from when buying. If you're a first-time home buyer, you may not even be aware of the different options available.

Let’s take a look at different styles of homes to help you determine which will best suit your lifestyle:

Single-Family Detached Home
This is the classic family home. It could be a bungalow, a split-level, or a multi-story. The single-family home is what many first-time home buyers envision for themselves. It offers plenty of privacy and often more space than other options. The homeowner is responsible for all house and yard maintenance and repairs.

Single-Family Attached Home
Often referred to as row homes or townhouses, attached homes have a shared wall with one or more homes. Attached homes can be a less expensive option as they offer less privacy and space. House and yard maintenance are your responsibility but, due to size, are less time consuming and less costly than in a single-family detached home.

A condo is a purchased single unit in a multi-unit building. When owning a condo, you have the shared amenities of the building, sometimes including common rooms, pools, outdoor spaces, and large balconies. Your maintenance is minimal, as you pay a monthly condo fee to the building owner. This fee covers a varying degree of unit maintenance and repairs, utilities, and property maintenance, depending on your agreement.

Before searching for a new home, take an inventory of your likes and dislikes, analyse your lifestyle, and think about what style of home you can picture yourself living in.

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